You’ve Got to Jump

Since releasing the blog three weeks ago, my life has been CRAZY! I am overwhelmed with the amount of love and support I have received. I had my first live interview with The University of Connecticut, been invited to several speaking engagements, and I have partnered with nurses across the country that I considered role models just three short weeks ago. I am completely humbled by all the prosperity.

After taking a moment to reflect on where I expected Black Girls White Coats to be, I realized things could not have been orchestrated any better! God has been the ultimate plug and is writing my success story far better than I could have ever imagined! After reading Steve Harvey’s, “Jump”, I have been inspired to go after everything that I want out of life. I have adopted a lifestyle of “jumping” at everything that terrifies me. I am not scared anymore, for I know God is orchestrating my life just as He sees fit! This newfound courage led me to apply for an amazing job as a neonatal transport nurse at Houston Methodist Sugar Land (my hometown hospital) and much to my surprise, I actually got it!!!

I LOVED my previous job, I had amazing coworkers, a great boss, and a steady workflow. But deep down inside, I knew I needed more…so I jumped! With this move I am ready to live outside my comfort zone and face my fears of being the least experienced nurse on the unit. At Houston Methodist Sugar Land, I will be surround by other nurses who have specialized in neonatology longer than I have been alive, and that scares me just as much as it excites me! I’m going into this new opportunity with an open mind, ready to receive all that these seasoned nurses have to teach me!

My story is no fairytale. I am just a girl who decided to trust God and go for it! If you too are feeling content in your current job, situation, or relationship, I encourage you : JUST JUMP!

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  1. Enjoyed reading you post. I’m now about to JUMP into working as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. A coworker of mine referred me to your site because you are a blogger much like myself, and I too started my nursing career at Houston Methodist Sugarland. I worked 5west and sometimes floated to postpartum. Enjoy your travel experience, and check out my blog as well 🙂

  2. Teih,

    It’s so nice to e-meet you! Who’s your cowoker? I’ll have to thank her. I see we share a kindred spirit; I love that! Congrats on your latest accomplishment. I just read your blog; my favorite post was “These 20 Somethings, you nailed it.

    Keep Shining,


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