Life Update

So I originally wanted to sit down and write about my trip to Denver (pictured above), but after further review, it turns out a life update is more appropriate!

1. Work Life

In short, work has been fun! It has challenged me in ways I never imagined so soon but I am loving every second of it! The other week, I attended a delivery and it was so crazy I literally got one of my braids pulled out my head. So, there’s that! This week, I’m meeting with my manager to discuss my upcoming promotion and my plans to sit for my RNC this summer! Ahhh! So exciting!

2. Blog Life

The blog has been keeping me busy but I’m enjoying it! Last week I had an event, a photo shoot, and was featured on two different nursing websites! Who am I?! I’m starting to grow a little community within the blog and y’all have made it so fun! Sitting at home responding to all your emails and DMs has been very rewarding. I’m learning that I need to start posting more content about my nursing school journey because y’all have A LOT of questions about it!

3. Home Life

As crazy as it seems, I’m approaching two years in my little high-rise and I’m ready for a new adventure! I have about a month to figure out what the heck I’m gonna do next! Should I move home and travel the world? Buy a house? Get a townhouse with my girlfriends? Do I wanna live close to work and be suburban? Or stay in the city like a normal 24-year-old? The possibilities are endless!

4. Love Life

Lol life is just crazy ya know!? One day I’m in love, the next day I get nauseated at the thought of being tied down. Just be in prayer I find balance, thanks!

5. Travel Life

Denver was a blast! I suggest anyone who appreciates the outdoors and loves adventure to add it to your bucket list! As our uber driver stated, “There’s no sense of urgency” in Denver. He was so right! People just aren’t in a rush to do anything, I couldn’t live in a place like that but I really enjoyed my visit! We woke up late everyday, lost track of time, and just went with the flow. It makes sense that such a beautiful place like Denver has that vibe; there’s so much to see, you have to slow down a bit to take it all in.

P.S. Y’all know I live for little life lessons. So the other day I walked in the nail salon, and my regular technician wasn’t available. Tragic. The owner proceeds to sit me down while I picked my color. I look up, and this tall, extremely masculine man sits in front of me and starts doing my nails. I want to leave at this point because I had such an eventful weekend coming up. How dare they let this new man do my nails?! Welp, just as fate would have it, I let him do my nails, and it was the most perfect shellac manicure I have ever received! So, learn from me and my lessons from the nail salon. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Let the linebacker do your nails and thank me later!


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